ARB Token Airdrop Set: Unlock the Potential of Arbitrum DAO

• The Arbitrum Foundation announced the launch of its ARB token, marking the transition into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
• Airdrop of the ARB token to eligible users is scheduled for March 23.
• Offchain Labs believes that the ARB token will make Arbitrum more decentralized than other competing chains.

Arbitrum Launches ARB Token

The Arbitrum Foundation has announced the launch of its new ARB token, signaling the project’s transition into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). An airdrop of the tokens to eligible users is scheduled for March 23rd.

Eligibility Requirements

Offchain Labs has worked with crypto analytics firm Nansen to determine which users are eligible for claiming their tokens during the airdrop. Factors taken into consideration include: number of transactions conducted, number of applications used, and how long the user used Arbitrum One and Nitro networks. Eligibility can be checked at

Decentralization Goals

Offchain Labs CEO Steven Goldfeder believes that with the introduction of an ARB token, Arbitrum will become far more decentralized than other competing chains. With this move, Offchain Labs will no longer have any control over key decisions related to protocol upgrades or revenue distribution from Arbitrum’s chain support ecosystem.

ARB Token Details

The total supply of ARBs is 10 billion tokens, out of which 44% will be distributed to investors and core contributors. Governance decisions related to protocol upgrades and revenue distribution will be in the hands of holders who own at least 1% stake in all 10 billion coins combined together.

Security Warning

Arbitrum warned users to be cautious while claiming their tokens as scammers often use fake websites for phishing purposes during airdrops.

Revolutionize Startup Funding with Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)!

• Litecoin (LTC) is preparing for its upcoming halving event and has seen a 100% price surge in the last few months.
• Ethereum (ETH) is gearing up for the Shapella upgrade, which will allow validators to withdraw their earnings.
• Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is nearing completion of its presale, having raised well over $5 million so far.

Litecoin (LTC)

The cryptocurrency world is buzzing with activity as Litecoin (LTC) prepares for its highly anticipated halving event. Set to occur around August 2023, this process will halve Litecoin (LTC) network miners’ block reward from 12.5 LTC to 6.25 LTC per block. The lead-up to this event typically causes the Litecoin (LTC) price to surge and it has already pumped 100% in the last few months, with Litecoin (LTC) now sitting just below the $100 support level.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH), one of the most popular blockchain platforms today, is gearing up for one of its most significant updates yet – Shapella. This upgrade enables withdrawals on the Ethereum (ETH) execution layer and enhances the Ethereum (ETH) consensus layer of the Beacon Chain. Next up for Ethereum (ETH) is the addition of sharding and scaling solutions to increase its throughput.

Orbeon Protocol(ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol(ORBN)’s decentralized platform offers a glimpse into the future of startup funding where equity is converted into NFTs and then sold in small fractions to public investors. The presale for Orbeon Protocol(ORBN) has already raised well over $5 million so far and funds will be used to launch their platform once completed.


The cryptocurrency world continues to grow with several key players near significant milestones – such as Litecoin’s upcoming halving event, Ethereum’s Shapella update and Orbeon Protocol’s presale nearing completion – making it an exciting time for crypto enthusiasts everywhere!

0x Labs Launches Transaction Relay API for Frictionless Crypto Experiences

• 0x Labs has launched a transaction relay API built for Polygon and Ethereum.
• The new Tx Relay API seeks to provide developers and users with options to quickly and securely execute transactions between various networks.
• 0x Labs has partnered with Robinhood Wallet to make inter-chain transactions effortless and easily accessible for users.

0x Labs Launches Transaction Relay API

0x Labs, the blockchain development team behind 0x Protocol, has launched a new transaction relay API built for Polygon and Ethereum. According to 0x Labs, the transaction relay API (application program interface) is designed to create a more streamlined experience for developers who are looking to build frictionless crypto experiences.

Barrier of Entry Dissolved

For the most part of its early innovations, Web3 has required users to hold and maintain a certain amount of balance from a specific chain’s native token, a prerequisite that has often been recognized as a barrier of entry for users trying out different blockchains. With 0x’ Tx Relay API, the requirement can be dissolved, allowing users to directly enter a chain’s configuration without needing to have some balance to initialize transactions.

Processing Approvals & Allowances

The new Tx Relay API seeks to address this problem by providing developers and users with options to quickly and securely execute transactions between various networks. The service allows users switch between different networks while still maintaining their original asset balance and amount of value held in their originating wallet. Without requiring another layer for operation, the Tx Relay API processes approvals, allowances, and swaps, thereby lessening the steps for a user to actually make use of a network’s utilities..

Interoperability & Easier Access

This means that someone who is, for example,a beginner in Web3 could straight out hit the ground running and gain more knowledge of how these ecosystems work together. What this relay interface implies for the blockchain space is that it sets a new level of interoperability with more ease of use across varying use cases in Web3. Adoption and scale are two other fronts towards which this new integration opens up possibilities.

Partnership with Robinhood Wallet

0x Labs says that they have partnered with Robinhood Wallet which is one of the more popular e-wallets with secured crypto integration . In collaboration with Robinhood Wallet , 0xLabs strives ot make inter-chain transactions effortlesssnd easily accessible for users . Having te opportunity t access multiple blockchains from single platform would give usres te capacity interact woth variety og crypto projectsacross different chains in an easy nd straightforward manner . User experience fpr crypto natives will also be improved witth te new relay APi’s composability features , providing execution options (opt in or opt out selections fo gasless transactions )for end use

Ripple (XRP) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Lead Crypto Market with 6000% Gains!

• Ripple (XRP) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) are set to make waves in the crypto market this year.
• Ripple (XRP) has long been popular for banks and financial institutions looking to improve cross-border payments, while Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is a revolutionary new crowdfunding platform.
• After the presale ends, the price of a token is expected to surge by an impressive 6000%, from its current $0.004 to $0.24.

Ripple (XRP): The Choice for Banks and Financial Institutions

Analysts think the cryptocurrency market is set for an exciting year, with Ripple (XRP) leading the charge. Ripple (XRP) has long been popular for banks and financial institutions looking to improve their cross-border payment capabilities due to its ability to settle transactions quickly and at low cost without the need for middlemen. Furthermore, the expanding use of digital payments and increasing need for cross-border payments make Ripple’s vision even more important than ever. The latest news from Ripple is that it will donate $1 million in Ripple (XRP) tokens to non-profit organizations helping earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

Orbeon Protocol: A Revolutionary New Crowdfunding Platform

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is another blockchain-based platform that could make waves in the crypto market this year. It’s a revolutionary new crowdfunding platform that simplifies raising funds from DeFi markets for startups by issuing equity-based NFTs that reflect ownership of a company’s underlying assets. After its presale ends, analysts predict that Orbeon Protocol’s price will surge by an impressive 6000%, from its current $0.004 rate up to $0.24 per token – making it one of the most profitable investments out there right now!

Ripple vs Orbeon: Comparing Their Benefits

Both Ripple (XRP) and Orbeon Protocol(ORBN), have their own unique advantages when it comes to investing in them or using them as a form of payment or investment tool respectively:
• For banks and financial institutions, Ripple’s technology makes it easier to make quicker cross border payments with less fees involved than traditional systems;
• For startups, Orbeon’s crowdfunding platform makes it much simpler to raise funds through DeFi markets compared with other methods;

What Does 2023 Hold for Both Cryptos?

With both coins having bright potential ahead of them, investors are keenly anticipating what 2023 holds in store for each of these cryptocurrencies:
• As far as Ripple goes, analysts believe its mission of building a worldwide payment network will only become more important in 2023 due to large collaborations with big financial organizations – all while continuing donations such as those made towards earthquake victims;

• In regards to Orbeon Protocol, analysts predict that after its presale ends – which should be soon – prices per token could potentially skyrocket up by an astonishing 6000%. This could make ORBN one of 2021’s most profitable investments!


Both Ripple(XRP)andOrbeonProtocol(ORBN )areexpectedtomakeawavesinthecryptomarketthisyearwiththeiruniqueadvantagesandbenefitstobothbanksandfinancialinstitutionsaswell astostartupsseekingfundsforcrowdfundingcampaigns .Althoughtherisksofinvestingincryptocurrencyremain ,bothcoinshavebrightpotentialaheadof themin2023whichcouldleadtoexcitingopportunitiesforinvestorslookingtotap intothemarket .

dForce DeFi Protocol Suffers $3.6 Million Loss in Reentrancy Attack

• DeFi protocol dForce suffered a loss of over $3.6 million due to a reentrancy attack executed on the Arbitrum and Optimism chains.
• A vulnerability in a smart contract function allowed users to calculate oracle prices when connected to Curve Finance, which the hacker was able to exploit.
• The hacker siphoned off around 2300 ETH worth approximately $3.65 million, and dForce paused all vaults to avoid additional damage.

dForce Suffers Loss of Over $3.6 Million

DeFi protocol dForce has suffered an estimated loss of over $3.6 million after a reentrancy attack was executed on the Arbitrum and Optimism chains. The attack was due to a vulnerability in a smart contract function that allowed users to calculate oracle prices when connected to Curve Finance, which the hacker was able to take advantage of and siphon off around 2300 ETH worth approximately $3.65 million from dForce’s vault on Curve Finance, an automated market maker (AMM) platform operating on the Arbitrum and Optimism blockchains.

Hacker Exploits Vulnerability In Smart Contract Function

The attack was brought to light by Twitter user @ZoomerAnon who tweeted that dForce had lost around $1.7 million through a series of flash loan transactions executed on the Optimism Chain, with blockchain security firm PeckShield confirming the details with an estimate damages at around 2300 ETH, worth around $3.65 million. The vulnerability exploited by the hacker is believed to be related to a reentrancy attack, which occurs when a bug in a smart contract allows attackers to repeatedly withdraw funds from it and transfer them into unauthorized contracts or wallets outside of their control.

dForce Pauses All Vaults To Avoid Additional Damage

In response, dForce has paused all vaults in order prevent any further losses while they investigate what happened and fix any existing vulnerabilities that could have enabled this attack in the first place; however they have stressed that customer funds remain safe as the attacker only targeted their wstETH/ETH-Curve vault on both Arbitrum & Optimism chains respectively . Furthermore ,the attacker had created Protocol Debt of 2300 ETH ($ 2 . 3M). Dforce also stated that if the funds were returned, they would offer him/her bounty for returning funds safely .

Investigation Into Attack Underway

Dforce is currently conducting an investigation into what happened and looking for ways it can improve its security measures so as not repeat such occurrence again .It has engaged with security firm SlowMist_Team in order ensure better protection against hackers moving forward . It has also assured users that their fund are safe as only particular curve vault were targets , other vaults such lending were not affected by this incident .


To conclude , DeFi protocol dforce suffered massive loses owing do an unexpected hack caused due tp vulnerability present in its smart contract function used by oracles coupled with arbiturm & optimism chain connections resulting in loosing over 3600 eths amounting up to millions of dollars . While investigation is underway , dforce took necessary steps like pausing all its vaults & engage with security firms like slowmist_team for better safety purpose making sure users fund are safe from other types of attacks targeting different type of vaults used by them .

Former Mastercard NFT Product Lead Sells Resignation Letter as an NFT

• Satvik Sethi, former NFT product lead of Mastercard, resigned and minted an NFT of his resignation letter.
• Sethi alleged workplace mistreatment, citing pay cuts and harassment from the management.
• He asked his Twitter followers to support him by buying his resignation letter NFT.

Mastercard & Its Foray into NFTs

Payments tech firm Mastercard began its foray into NFTs sometime in 2021. In previous reports, CryptoDaily detailed how Mastercard has partnered with other crypto firms such as Coinbase and even went forth with the acquisition of digital asset analytics firm CipherTrace.

Former Product Lead Resigns & Mints Resignation Letter NFT

Satvik Sethi, former NFT product lead at Mastercard, recently made public allegations of workplace mistreatment as he resigned from the company. In a coup de grâce move, Sethi minted and sold his resignation letter as an NFT for 0.023 ETH with proceeds going toward survival expenses.

Allegations Against Mastercard

Sethi railed against the payments tech giant for allegedly mistreating him and downplaying his role in the company’s ambition to enter the crypto space. His claims included a 40% reduction in salary package coinciding with his decision to move from New York City to London; instances where he had to beg “across the hierarchy” just to receive his salary; and harassment due to “a series of mismanaged processes, miscommunication [and] internal inefficiency.”

What’s Next?

After resigning from Mastercard, Sethi is set to lose his British work visa with a fallback option of working and being based in India for the foreseeable future.

Final Thoughts

Sethi’s decision to mint an NFT of his resignation letter is indicative of how far people are willing to go when faced with injustice in workplaces—even those that have explored cryptos through partnerships or acquisitions like Mastercard has done before this incident occurred.

Ethereum on the Rise: Price Hits $1,600, Fueled by NFTs, Smart Contracts, and ENS

• The crypto market has increased in market cap in 24 hours by 2.89%, with Ethereum (ETH) trading in the green.
• The recent gains can be attributed to the projects hosted on the Ethereum network, such as NFTs, smart contracts, and Ethereum Name Service (ENS).
• Ethereum’s price is currently hovering above $1,600 in the daily chart.

The crypto market has been on a hot streak lately, with market capitalization increasing by 2.89% in just 24 hours. Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency project, is among the top performers in the market and is currently trading in the green. Despite its price still being off its all-time high, the currency has shown remarkable resilience with its current upsurge.

So, what is driving Ethereum’s rally? The projects on the Ethereum network are key contributors to ETH’s success. Ethereum is the most popular blockchain for Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, which are digital assets that are stored and traded on a blockchain. In addition, Ethereum is the pioneer of smart contracts, a technology now widely adopted in the crypto ecosystem. Smart contracts enable users to securely interact with each other in a transparent and automated way.

Another innovation on the Ethereum network is the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). This is a distributed naming system that allows users to shorten their cryptocurrency addresses by assigning them readable names, making it easier to identify the addresses. Moreover, Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency project by market cap and the first altcoin, which has contributed to its popularity. The network also utilizes a proof-of-stake system, which is more energy efficient than other consensus mechanisms, and this has attracted increased participation from the crypto community.

Ethereum’s price is currently hovering above $1,600 in the daily chart, which is a testament to the strength of the currency. As such, it will be interesting to see where Ethereum’s price goes next. Despite the current upsurge, ETH is still a long way off from its all-time high of over $2,000, and it remains to be seen if it will reach that level again. In the meantime, investors can look forward to the many exciting projects that Ethereum has to offer, which may help to further fuel the currency’s rise.

Litecoin Whale Transactions Surge, Price Volatility Grows

• Litecoin whale transactions valued at greater than $1million have surged recently, according to data from the on-chain analytics firm Santiment.
• This surge in whale transactions has led to increased volatility in the price of Litecoin.
• A chart provided by Santiment shows that the whale transaction counts have hit the highest values since December 28th.

Recent data from the on-chain analytics firm Santiment has revealed that Litecoin’s whale transactions valued at greater than $1million have surged recently. This surge in whale transactions has led to increased volatility in the price of Litecoin.

Whale transactions are defined as transfers of large amounts of cryptocurrency on the blockchain. When a large amount of coins is involved in a transfer, it can sometimes have noticeable effects on the market. As a result, when the indicator’s value is high, LTC is likely to see more volatility than usual.

To better understand this trend, Santiment has provided a chart that shows the trend in the Litecoin whale transaction counts over the last few months. This chart shows that the whale transaction count has recently spiked and hit the highest values observed since December 28. This would suggest that whales have become active again.

The surge in Litecoin whale transactions is a positive sign for the crypto as it suggests that there is an increasing demand for the asset. Furthermore, it indicates that larger investors are confident in the long-term potential of the coin. This could potentially lead to a rise in the price of the cryptocurrency.

It is important to note, however, that the price of Litecoin is still highly volatile and unpredictable. As such, investors should always do their own research and make sure to only invest what they can afford to lose. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see that the whale transaction count is at its highest level since December.

Polkadot and Aptos See Price Recovery and Development Activity Surge

• Polkadot (DOT) is in the green and has seen an increase in price, as well as development activity.
• According to the CCRI Report 2022, Polkadot was ranked #2 in terms of total yearly electricity consumption, only behind US Households.
• Aptos (APT) has seen a surge in price, with a 147% increase.

Polkadot (DOT) has been in the green lately, and is showing price recovery and a spike in development activity. The coin has witnessed a 14.9% increase in its weekly low, and as of press time, according to Coingecko, DOT is trading at $6.50, with a 4% increase in the last 24 hours. The coin has also seen an increase in market cap dominance.

The increase in Polkadot’s price could be attributed to its eco-friendly quality. According to the CCRI Report 2022, Polkadot was ranked #2 in terms of total yearly electricity consumption, only behind US Households. This eco-friendly quality of Polkadot has drawn public attention and is likely to drive positive momentum for the coin in the future.

Furthermore, Aptos (APT) has seen a surge in price, with a 147% increase. This is likely due to the coin’s unique features such as its own blockchain protocol, high scalability, and including a range of use cases. With its latest update, Aptos has also increased its network performance and security.

These price recoveries and spikes in development activities seen in Polkadot and Aptos are likely to drive positive sentiment in the cryptocurrency space. These coins are eco-friendly and boast features that make them stand out from the rest of the market, making them attractive investments for those looking for long-term gains.

Comparações do Crypto Boom com outras plataformas

Crypto Boom vs. Hodlnaut

  • Hodlnaut é uma plataforma de investimento criptográfico que permite aos seus utilizadores ganharem juros nos seus criptos e fornece algumas das mais altas taxas de rendimento percentual anual no mercado criptográfico.
    Hodlnaut não cobra quaisquer taxas de depósito e as suas taxas de levantamento de limite mínimo são mais baixas do que as da Crypto Boom. Por exemplo, Hodlnaut cobra 0,0004 BTC cada vez que retira BTC, enquanto que a Crypto Boom cobra 0,0005 BTC como taxa de retirada.
  • Hodlnaut é utilizado para investimento, enquanto que a Crypto Boom oferece empréstimos criptográficos e negociação em cima de vários instrumentos de rendimento. No máximo, Hodlnaut fornece a funcionalidade Token Swap para trocar um crypto por outro.
  • A Crypto Boom permite aos seus utilizadores trocar criptos e oferece várias ferramentas para melhor se adequarem à sua abordagem de investimento. Por exemplo, o comércio à vista de comissão zero proporciona uma excelente forma de os recém-chegados começarem a negociar em criptos.
  • Outra desvantagem do Hodlnaut é que as taxas de juro diminuem à medida que adiciona mais criptos à sua carteira. Por exemplo, o primeiro BTC que adiciona à sua conta ganha uma taxa APY de 5,33%, e a taxa diminui à medida que aumenta o montante investido. Depois de adicionar 2 BTC, as taxas do APY caem para apenas 1%.
  • O Crypto Boom não dispõe de um sistema baseado em camadas, e pode depositar tantos criptos quantos desejar sem ver rendimentos decrescentes nas suas taxas de APY.
  • Finalmente, Crypto Boom permite-lhe comprar criptogramas da própria aplicação, enquanto Hodlnaut apenas lhe permite investir na sua carteira. Necessita de utilizar uma plataforma de terceiros como a Okcoin para comprar criptográficos e depois retirar os seus activos para a sua conta Hodlnaut. No caso do Crypto Boom, pode mesmo utilizar a funcionalidade de transferência bancária para acelerar o processo de compra de activos criptográficos.

Crypto Boom vs. Nexo

  • Nexo é uma plataforma criptográfica que permite aos seus utilizadores investir em criptos e contrair empréstimos a 0% RAP com empréstimos de aprovação instantânea.
  • Em comparação com a Crypto Boom, a conta poupança Nexo suporta mais criptos, incluindo a ficha de ouro, PAX Gold. A Nexo também fornece o Cartão Nexo, o primeiro do seu género. Este cartão gratuito vem com toneladas de vantagens, tais como permitir-lhe ganhar até 2% em prémios criptográficos nas suas transacções NEXO. É único porque o encoraja a HODL os seus activos criptográficos e utiliza linhas de crédito para financiar as suas compras.
  • A Crypto Boom, no entanto, oferece taxas de juro mais elevadas sobre as moedas de moeda estável. Ao investir em poupanças de rendimento fixo, a Crypto Boom permite-lhe ganhar até 30% APY em múltiplas moedas. A Nexo oferece apenas taxas máximas de APY de 12% sobre USDC e USDT.
  • Pode aceder à carteira Nexo a partir de um desktop, e a Nexo não cobra taxas sempre que deposita ou retira o seu crypto. Por outro lado, a carteira Crypto Boom só pode ser acedida a partir da sua aplicação móvel, e só permite um número limitado de levantamentos gratuitos todos os meses.


Crypto Boom é uma incrível plataforma criptográfica tudo-em-um que oferece várias formas de ganhar com os seus criptos. A aplicação Crypto Boom tem várias medidas de segurança em vigor, para que possa aumentar a sua carteira e aumentar os seus ganhos tanto quanto desejar sem se preocupar com o facto de a sua carteira estar comprometida.